The most expensive Omega watch sold

The most expensive Omega watch sold

The popular Omega wristwatch Ref No.H6582/D96043 year 1960 which was once owned by the famous E. Presley was later sold on Auction by the Phillips group for a lot of dollars close to 1.812 million united states dollars in the year 2018 around May date 12.

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This made the most expensive Omega brand timepiece that was ever sold on auction. This great watch was made in the year 1960 by The Tiffany and company limited. Again in the year 1961 the same product, Omega was received by Elvis Presley as a gift. It was received from RCA records on February 25th,1961. This done to particularly remember and celebrate the achievements made Elvis of selling and making high records worth 75 of millions.


This watch is designed 18k white gold with just a case backed- entangled. It entails in it the manual-wound Omega calibration 510, which is also stamped with the OXGs import coding for the United States. This bezel contains with it 44 round bright diamonds without any dials r numerical only fit with markers and a sided dialing at 6'clock. This makes have a unique character that makes it outshine other similar products in the market today. As Elvis says, he was approached by a visitor when was resting at a certain restaurant. The was that the watch was just nice. By this time Elvis also made a quick look at the man's watch which was diamond-sets Hamilton, he told the man that he liked his watch too and asked him if he needed to trade. The watch was made as a consignment by this mans nephew. It appeared almost as a stricken deal already.

The Protopapas as the sole director and manager of Omega Museum lately confidently confirmed that indeed the famous Museum was the winning bidder. Omega Stainless steel Tourbillon 301 sold in auction sale by the famous and popular Phillips for about 1.43 million United States dollars In Geneva city on November date twelve 2017. Indeed it was the most and very expensive product Omega timepiece that was ever sold at that time. E. Presley marked with this great RCA Records in the year 1955 and built a range of hits till he was inducted into the United States. Armed force in the year 1958. He returned in 1960 to record Are You Lonesome Tonight and It's Now Or Never, two of his greatest tunes, and before that year's over, had arrived at the seventy-eight million record rate. The RCA just gave him this watch, alongside the memorial plaque, at celebratory philanthropy occasion and show in 1961. At the point when Omega planned a watch for a specific crowd, at that point it would add the model arrangement to the face.

A last note about no-name Omega watches is that from the 1960s to the mid-1980s, Omega mass-delivered uncovered developments for different makers to assemble Omega cases. This implies various watches from that period were being sold with the Omega organization name however with dials and cases that were not Omega. The organization stopped this training since it believed it weakened the Omega brand. Remember this when you find more established Omega watches.