The Hottest Watch Trends Of 2021 You Should Be Looking Out For

The Hottest Watch Trends Of 2021 You Should Be Looking Out For

Watches are some of the most classy and stylish pieces of accessory that you can carry. They are perfect for combing with any outfit and provide you with a rich and classy look. They have been worn since centuries, when pocket watches were considered to be high fashion among men. From exquisite designs to timeless classics, watches have since then been made by some of the world’s most famous brands people, some of which continue to be sold even today.

Watches of now are targeted towards both men and women in the same manner. They are meant to stand out as a piece of accessory and make the wearer seem fashionable and complete. There are a number of watch brands of today which are considered to be both high street fashion and for normal everyday use. Also, with the emergence of smart watch technologies, many watch makers are trying to incorporate it into their designs.

Watches of today are loved by both men and women alike. Brands in turn are catering to the demands of consumer by manufacturing designs in accordance with the latest styles and fashion trends. If you love watches as much as we do, sit back and hold tight as we provide you with a complete guide on the best watch trends to look out for in 2021. Read on to find out more.

Factors affecting watch trends of 2021

There were understandable lesser number of watches which were launched in 2020 due to the global pandemic. With the situations just about stable non, we might be expecting some of the hottest brands out there to come up with some excellent time pieces. Although it may not be possible to accurately predict the exact trends which are going to take place in 2021, it can be possible to understand some of the directions in which the trends are taking a turn.

Some of the factors which will affect the trends we will get to see in 2021 are

Color of the dial


Over the past few years, we have witnessed a large number of manufacturers coming up with colored dials. The trend was accepted by people with open arms and influential people and celebrities were seen sporting one. This was a welcome and refreshing change for people where the market was dominated with silver, black and reflective dials.

Brands like Rolex gave us some of the best pieces of work with colors like green, burgundy and even aquamarine. Not to mention the oyster perpetual version which has the signature green dial on it. We might expect to see a rise in the number of yellow colored dials this year in 2021, where we can expect brands like Breitling and Omega to give us some amazing watches to sport.

However, as you can expect the prices of these are going to be quite off the shelf. Coming to brands like Casio and Swatch, which has given us the Iconic Edifice versions, G shock and the evergreen military watches respectively, we can expect to see quite a play of colors here. Although Edifice watches were mostly silver or black, Casio has been launching some of them in Green and Red, and we can say they look pretty darn good.

So this year we might get to see more such colors on the Edifice series. G shocks are known for their eye catching colors and designs and we can expect to see some pretty unusual colors come out in 2021, like the much anticipated camo green.

White Metal and other materials

When it comes to the body of the watch, colors like Gold, Rose Gold, Black and Silver have dominated the market. However, this might just change as there has been a favorable shift towards white metal, which looks less shiny and adds warmth to your outfit. The materials used might just be silver, although we expect to see titanium and palladium also to be used.

More expensive brands might want to consider using silver instead of gold or rose gold. Diamonds have always been a hot favorite among high fashion brands and we might just expect to see Longines and Cartier incorporate some more of their precious metals in their designs. PU and aluminum has always been one of the mot commonly used materials for other brands like Seiko, Armani and Diesel.

Armani exchange has some pretty some designs lined up for 2021 as we get to now from their official website. Sometimes these brands offer far more exciting designs than any other brand out there. Seiko has always been a reputed brand offering people quality watches which are well worth their price. We might expect to see some designs from ranging from military camo to exquisite formal colors like silver and grey. Blue titanium and Grey Palladium has been on our watch list and we expect to see quite a few number of luxury brands use it in their upcoming collection.




The global pandemic and of course the ongoing environmental problems in our society has further increased the need for more sustainable materials to be used. Previously Swatch had launched their BioReloaded series of watches which were made from castor seeds and packaged in a organic cardboard. Gucci and other luxury brands have always preferred Econyl for making parts and straps.

Thus, in 2021, we might expect brands to lean more towards recycled materials and use them in every part of a watch. We can expect materials like bamboo and even recycled leather to be used in some of the watches made.

A lot of brands also use recycled materials for making each and every part of the watch. This ranges from dials, straps, cases and even working parts inside. We also have to make sure the precious metals and gemstones being used are being sources in ethical manners. Brands like Breitling and Bulgari believe in transparent technologies where parts and materials sourced do not contribute to any damage to the environment.

Retro revival

2021 might just see the revival of retro designs in brands like Cartier, Tag Heuer and Hublot, from whom we have already seen some of the spectacular retro designs ever made. Retro designs has always been a challenge according to watchmaker Sadiq Krsytev, who works for Longines.

He says that although retro designs have been welcomed by people over the ages, nowadays, introduction of smart watches have cut the market size in half. Its just people over the age of 45 who prefer to go for such designs. The watch market is comprised of individuals between the age of 25 to 35 who are most likely to invest in a good watch.

However, with some of the changes we have faced through the past year, it might just be possible that people start embracing some of the retro designs. We can expect to see collections from Rolex and even Patek Philippe which are inspired through vintage models. The essence of retro can now be seen rocking a huge change in the coming year, where we can witness retro straps and buckles also being used.

Smart technologies

Smart watches have seen a rapid growth in the market, especially when young people have been one of the highest number of consumers in this segment. The revolution of wearable technologies have allowed us to experience some of the coolest watches or should we say gadgets which have come into play. Companies


like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and even Honor among others have brought us some of the incredible smart watches of today.

Other brands have focused on incorporating health apps into their watches, examples of which can be found in the likes of G Shock and even Fossil. Michael Kors recently launched their line of smart watches and we can only gorge on their eye catching and stylish collection. In 2021, we might see a lot more of wearable technologies being incorporated in watches. We have so far seen Bluetooth and even NFC in watches like Armani and Diesel.

The future can be a exciting place for smart watches where bigger and screens may take the place of their predecessors. We can also expect to be better processors and battery life, which can be one of the deciding factors for a person to invest in a smart watch.

Final Thoughts

We are excited to see what 2021 has in store for us in terms of trends for watches. There are quite a number of factors which we discussed above, which are the main deciding factors of watches of the future. Brands have to incorporate smarter manufacturing processes which involves less usage of raw material and fossil fuels. Use of recycled materials should always be encouraged among people and manufacturers alike. This will not only help us to preserve our resources and also invest in smart pieces of products, which do not affect the environment in any way. This article provides you with all the information you need in order to understand the upcoming watch trends that companies have in store for us.