The History of Omega Watches

The History of Omega Watches

If you love classic watches with precision, you would have surely heard about the Omega brand. In the past century, it has gained a loyal following among consumers. It not only has a long history but also classic styles which differ it from other watches available. It does not come as a surprise that the number of consumers preferring Omega watches over others have increased significantly in a relatively short time.

Omega Watches – The watches which changed the industry!

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When the Omega watches first came out, they employed innovative technology which set them apart from other watches available during that time. If you look into the literal meaning of Omega, it is the last alphabet of the Greek language. Similarly, the Omega watches became the final frontier of precision when it came to watches.

Omega watches were invented by sons of Louis Brandt. Louis Brandt himself owned a successful watch company by the name of La Generale Watch Company. The reason why this brand gained traction quite quickly was because of the sensitivity of the watches and their accuracy. Moreover, the watches have interchangeable components which meant that they were highly durable as well.

It took the brand less than two decades to create a global fan following. It was finally in the year 1919 that it received the pinnacle prize in international observatory trials. It was a pedestal that tested the accuracy and precision of watches.

Not to speak of the fact that these watches were highly durable as well that further added to their credibility. The recognition which it got was not the one-time award. Throughout the years, it earned the same award again and again. That is why: the company changed its tagline to "exact time for life".

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Global Recognition:

Another big achievement for the brand was when it was selected as the official timekeeper for summer Olympics in 1932. The Olympics were hosted in Los Angeles. It was the supplier of high-quality chronographs for the Summer Olympics. It was the very first private company to achieve this distinction.

With so many accolades to its name, it was just a matter of time before A-list celebrities started donning it. It finally happened in the 1950s. Some of the most famous celebrities trusted the brand included Ringo Starr, Buddy Holly. The popularity of the brand, however, reached a new high when John F. Kennedy sported the watch when he became the 35th president of the United States. It was in the year 1961 that it achieved this unique distinction.

Another memorable event which you can add to its name is when it was gifted to Elvis Presley on selling 75 million records. RCA records gifted him the watch. It was a 44 diamond, Caliber 510 manual-wound watch. Elvis Presley gave that watch to a fan that was recently auctioned in May 2018. The amount to which it fetched was $ 100,000.

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A Watch trusted by professionals!

The popularity of the Omega brand was not just among politicians and Hollywood celebrities. It was in the year 1963 that ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau wore the Omega Seamaster Professional model during the submersion experiments. The precision, as well as the sensitivity of the watch, was so high that British Special Boat Service made it their official watch. It was a distinction which was unheard of before. It propelled the brand to new heights in front of the consumers.

The brand was not just popular among marine professionals but also Astronauts. Have you ever heard of any other brand having both of these distinctions?

Probably not! NASA selected it as the official watch which the astronauts could wear on their space missions. After a gruelling competition between Omega Speedmaster and various other watches, it won this distinction. The competition included multiple stress tests. The tests drove most watches to destruction.

The first Astronaut who wore the watch after its selection by Nasa was Buzz Aldrin in 1969. The mission was Apollo 11. After that, the watch was also worn by Apollo 13 astronauts. It played a much more crucial role during that mission. The watches helped the astronauts time their jet blasts. The jet blasts were used to re-enter the atmosphere of the earth. They trusted the watches to help them after the timers in the module broke down.

007's official watch:

James Bond movies have become popular globally. Due to the precision of these watches as well as the worldwide following they also became the James Bond's official watches. It happened in the year 1995. The brand has been able to hold the distinction up until now. In total, Omega watches were used in 8 James Bond movies. Out of these, only two have ever been sold. They earned $ 250,000 cumulatively.

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Those were, however, not the most expensive Omega watches sold in auctions. The most expensive one was sold for $ 1.4 million in the year 2017. While not many details are available about that watch but it can be safely assumed that a celebrity wore it due to the amount it fetched. However, the watch which fetched that much amount was a prototype. It speaks testament to the build quality as well as the value of the brand. It was a prototype of the tourbillion series which never went into production.

You might be thinking that isn't that a high price compared to Elvis's Omega, which fetched to just $ 100,000. The thing is the value of the brand is still pretty high after decades of its existence. When you look at the new watches as well, you will find that you have to shell out more than $ 4000 to get a new Omega watch. Moreover, the estimate of that watch was around $ 207,000. It ended up going for $ 1.4 million.

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However, if you cannot shell out 6 or 7 figures for the Omega watch, you need not worry. By spending anywhere between $ 4000 and $ 10,000, you can quickly get a brand-new Omega watch to your name. All in all, if you're looking for a watch that has created history time and again, you cannot ignore the Omega brand. With so many accolades to its name, you can be sure that when you're buying this watch, you are buying a piece of history. So, if you're looking for a precise, sensitive and accurate watch, you should not think of any other brand than Omega.