OMEGA watch: defining counterfeiters

OMEGA watch: defining counterfeiters

OMEGA has been the watch brand preferred mostly by the movers and shakers, the brand has some finest and timeless complicated and functional watches that you can get in market without making any sacrifices on the quality or styling.

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There’s a whole lot that you see for the luxury watch pioneer Omega. The brand has preserved its place among the best-known brands of luxury watches across the world, and also outside of it with its milestone on the moon surface.

Shadowing it’s time on every notable event from Olympics to the Mariana Trench to legendary James Bond franchise, with honorable mentions of Seamaster, Constellation and Speedmaster, the brand also achieves well-deserved status of rock-star among the watch enthusiasts worldwide.

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You might be wondering how the watch company got its mark in the moon. Well, it’s pretty simple, as the watches designed by the company are of the finest quality and most durable ones found within watch industry.

There are a whole lot of counterfeiters in the market who try on mimicking the classic models such as the Seamaster or the Speedmaster, they purchase brand’s endurance image or also go far for emulating tiniest details that a lot of consumer’s are not able to notice easily.

Thus, if you want to be sure of your watches, and wish to be protected from getting a knock off for your hard earned money, you must follow the guide that we’ve put up out there for clearly distinguishing between a counterfeit and the genuine Omega.

Examining dial

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Before you think of going for any other feature, it’s best to have an up close and detailed examination of the watch dial and you must then make sure every letter on the display has correct spelling, is spaced evenly and has been applied cleanly. The simplest way of determining whether a watch is genuine or fake is through spotting mistakes in spelling or the engraved logos or words.

With the authentic watch piece, the logo has to be a detached metal piece that has been attached closely with dial. If this part remains painted on, then it’s assured that you’re about to get fake one.

The Watch Hands

There are a whole lot of well-known professional watch brands in the market and like all of these brands Omega also outfits all its watch pieces with Swiss based watch movements. This makes second hand motion quite fluid and smooth and it also eliminates sound of ticking that you hear with all other quartz watches.

So, if you’ve bought an Omega that ticks or second hand needle is stuttering within your watch, you’ve most probably bought a fake one.

Also, you must test crown adjustment capabilities. When you’re pulling this for adjusting time, the Omega second hand also needs to stop for ensuring the time’s accuracy. The fake Omega also has second hand that can continue moving even while you’re making adjustments in time.


For adding functionality, watches from Omega have been equipped with reflective surfaces or lumes that are able to glow bright in dark. The markets, hands and dots present on rotating bezel glow well in dark once these get charged. Omega watches that are inauthentic might still be there with lumes, but their glow quality would be quite abysmal when comparing with original ones.

For testing luminescence, you can put watches under bright light for charging a minimum of 15 seconds, and then you must turn off light. The watch glow has to be a little bright and must also last for relatively longer time period.

Typically watch counterfeiters are not able to come up with exact replication of date windows for authentic luxury watches as all brands make use of lens for date magnification with different magnification or different cyclops. Upon examining watches that claim to be Omega, make sure to check that it has perfectly centered date in window and numbers are evenly covering the entire space.

Additionally to all that, lumes seen on real Omega watches cover more substantial hand areas and markers while fakes are only present with thin lines.

2. The Case

All Omegas get have an impression of a serial number containing seven or eight digits that are unique for specific watches. You can simply look up the serial number for making sure that watch that has been

referred matches exactly the model that you’ve examined otherwise, you’re simply looking at the counterfeited one.

Be sure that your watch has got serial number in right place: on vintage authentic models, as this gets engraved on cases inside back, but with modern models you get this engraved on bottom side of any of the lugs.

Among the most common and renowned counterfeit from Omega watch models is the Omega Seamaster, and this is also among the most functional and detailed watches available from their house. The uniquely crafted watch model is designed to have water resistance more than 50 meters and is ideal for diving, this also has helium based escape valve.

As duplicate watch makers mostly forgo most of the extraneous functions of the watch for saving on costs associated with production, the helium based escape valve that you see on the counterfeited version of the watch won’t work at all, in case this watch even shows one.

Another thing is that you have to check is the valve remains in its appropriate position. The valve bottom should hit 10 o clock positions on genuine Seamaster watch from Omega. Most probably you’re having a fake when the middle of the valve’s top remain in line with the 10 o’ clock.

In same vein, if watch that you’re eyeing on remains one more than crown position however there are no dials meant for corresponding with these, or in case these dials aren’t functional at all, in such cases, you most probably own an Omega replica.

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Even after going thoroughly through the article, if you still have any type of doubts associated with the authenticity of an Omega model that you’ve bought already or wish to buy, you can show this to a professional watchmaker or appraiser and let them open out the watch piece while examining the dial’s movement. After a thorough examination they’ll provide you with certainty whether you’ve got a genuine Omega or you have been duped with a counterfeit.